Access Governance

Access Governance

Access Governance helps organizations to centrally manage and enforce enterprise security policies, thus controlling access to Enterprise resources and prevents unauthorized attempts by malicious User. Access Manager has an assurance framework which allows an enterprise to specify the level of trust required for accessing Enterprise resources and supports XACML standard for communicating with the Policy Enforcement Points/Agents (PEP).


Product Features

Centralizes access policy management and enforcement through access control points

Life-Cycle management of course and fine grained access across multiple heterogeneous applications of an organization

Centralized password policy management and enforcement for IT applications deployed

Workflow driven privileged account credentials management to control and monitor the process of granting credentials to privileged users to perform their duties as and when required

Performing scheduled, event-driven, need-based and ad hoc Access Certification to review the access rights gained by users over time and revoking access from users having inappropriate access.

Inbuilt Multifactor Authentication gateway with Global session management

Compliant to SAML2 based authentication and XACML based authorization process to support standard compliant, secured federated single sign-on capability

Real-time monitoring and alert generation for Access policy violations

Web Based Dashboard to monitor comprehensive view of roles and privileges of Identities across Line of Business in real time and monitors access life-cycle activities such as access requests, grants, access changes, activities performed with the access granted

Leverages a scalable framework of connectors and supports multiple Industry Protocols and Standards to provide Out-of-the-box Integration with other third-party Federated Identity Management and Single Sign-On products

Out-of-box integration with widely used business applications and application servers

Benefit Realization to Customers


Enabling trust in Digital Assets with comprehensive and consistent Access Policy Governance platform by mitigating risk of inconsistent access and authorization policies and User accumulating entitlements and illegitimate access through frauds

Significantly improves organization-wide compliance policy enforcement and mitigates data access risks

Facilitates in achieving access compliance to specific Industry Regulations and Legal requirements with event-driven, need-based and ad hoc analysis reports on access grants/activities and provide auditable evidence of compliance

Facilitating quick integrations of business partner applications with your stringent Authentication, Authorization and Auditing framework in line with your regulatory and compliance requirements

Enhances organizational-wide visibility on access to Digital Assets related activities such as request and approvals, provisioning and de-provisioning, policy enforcement, review and certification, rights reconciliation, etc.