Smart eID Services Platform

Smart eID Services Platform

A generic middleware for smartcard, PKI & biometric technologies, developed using SOA methodology, help enterprises to achieve seamless integration of eID services with enterprise systems, e-government services & processes. With a novel way of reverse integration approach (of eID services integrating with existing systems, applications and infrastructure, as against the traditional API based approach of systems and applications integrating with eID services, resulting in source code level changes), organizations will be able to utilize the true capability of eID in their day-to-day business activities through a near-zero integration footprint with their enterprise systems. Using Smart eID Service Platform, enterprises and Governments will be able to leverage eID to uniquely identify eID holder, anytime and anywhere for their offered e-Services and in-person services (Over-the-Counter).

Few of the potential use cases include eService Authentication, Over-the-Counter Authentication, Secure Email, Secure Logon, Transaction Signing, Document Signing, File, Folder & Disk Encryption, Remote Access VPN, and Web Single Sign On : in sectors like Government, Banking & Financial, Law-Enforcement, Universities, etc.

Product Features

True generic eID middleware providing multi-platform, multi-smartcard, multi-device, multi-biometric and multi-national eID support

PKI based Digital Signing Capability for Electronic Documents and Email Signing with an option for Bulk Document Signing

Near zero footprint web application transaction signing and protection of transaction data integrity using PKI

Built in virtual smartcard feature supporting any portable storage media

Built in tools for enterprise user enrolment, eID token management and trusted time stamping

Multi-Biometric authentication with match-on-card, match-off-card and online biometric matching techniques

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Windows logon with PKI/Biometrics (and Virtual Smartcard)
  • Web Single Sign On with PKI/Biometrics (Virtual Smartcard)
  • Crypto Tokens
  • Digital signed documents

Ready-to-Deploy Web SSO functionality supporting multifactor authentication using eIDs for Enterprise Web Applications

Benefit Realization to Customers

Improved Accountability with Tamper proof legally valid digital documents and email communications

Improved effectiveness of Government’s socio-economic benefit programmes by ensuring the authenticity of Card-Holders

Improved Efficiency by eliminating manual overheads of paper based processes

Improved IT Security (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability): Protect emails & documents from eavesdropping and forgery

Improved Compliance to IT Laws, National ID Laws and Sector specific regulations

Improved ease of eID integration with Enterprise Applications and maximizing eID usage in day-to-day business activities

Improved security of Enterprise and e-Service application by enforcing Strong Authentication