Authentication and SSO Gateway

Authentication and SSO Gateway

Authentication and SSO Gateway, simplifies user logon experience, reduces the risks associated with password only authentication, reduces Help-desk calls related to forgotten passwords or account lock, and facilitates compliance with Organization’s IT security policies and governance.

Web SSO component of Authentication and SSO Gateway is implemented as a “Reverse Proxy” based appliance, which act as authentication and access gateway for the enterprise portals/applications. It provides the capability to scan the incoming web requests for any malicious attacks and prevent such traffic from reaching the business applications. This prevents the attackers from gaining access to the business application through input tampering attacks. It logs every unsuccessful authentication attempts and if the consecutive unsuccessful attempts cross the defined threshold, it will send an alert to the designated personnel to take necessary actions.

Product Features

A single set of user credentials to access your multiple heterogeneous applications and systems

Supports a variety of open and proprietary authentication methods such as Digital Certificate, Biometrics, USB based crypto tokens, Smart cards, One-time password, Logon-approvals leveraging Smartphone, Social Digital Identity, National eID cards, etc.

Built-in strong Authorization framework to limit unauthorized attempts on Applications and Systems

Centralized management of SSO Service with real-time performance monitoring

Single Sign-On implementation based on Reverse Proxy and Microsoft IIS ISAPI Filter

Comprehensive Auditing and Logging with support to achieve compliance requirements

Supports Load balancing and high availability deployments

Out-of-the-box Integration with third-party Access Management systems and open standard based integration with cloud –based applications and social media website

Drag and drop configuration screen for integration of Web Application with Authentication and SSO Gateway, without modifying your existing web application’s code or functionality

Advanced session management with Global Sign-out functionality

Benefit Realization to Customers

Enabling Digital trust with strong User authentication and centralized platform for Security and compliance enforcement

Improves organization's ICT security posture and facilitates in achieving compliance

Enhances User Productivity with simple and secure single-logon experience eliminating need to remember multiple passwords for separate login into each software application and reducing time spent recovering forgotten log-in details

Significantly reduces help-desk costs due to fewer calls for password recovery and account lockout

Facilitating quick integrations of business partner applications with your stringent Authentication, Authorization and Auditing framework

Protects your web application from malicious attacks and prevents attackers from gaining access to the business application