Digital OnBoarding Solution Platform

In today’s Digital world, Government organizations and enterprises are looking forward to transform their current cumbersome, manual and paper-based customer/employee onboarding processes to “digitally trusted and automated customer/employee onboarding processes” towards creating superior experience at the first touch point. Also this is in line with the requirement of automating due diligence process enforced by the Government and Industry regulators, for improving security, efficiency, establishing trust and optimizing costs.

In the absence of Automated and Integrated On boarding system, organizations have over the time felt competitive disadvantage, customer dropouts, unfavorable customer experience and costly processes. Some of the key issues involved in current onboarding expensive and time consuming process are:

Cumbersome and Error prone onboarding processes

Increased risk of frauds and reduced efficiency

Customer inconvenience on account of wait state times in the manual due diligence and approval process

Increased disclosures, controls and regulation lead to documentation overflow and complexity

Mounting Identity spoofing during onboarding Process

Multiple paper-based onboarding application form for each siloed Lines of Business (LOB)

Digital OnBoarding Solution, integrated with eIDs and Biometrics

A comprehensive, paperless and customer-friendly onboarding solution, supporting both over-the-counter desktop/laptop and on-field Mobile first touch point for customer or employee, where Identity and demographic information is read from their Government issued Identity token/instrument (electronic Identity, Passport/e-Passport, Driving License, etc.), automatically fills the onboarding digital form with information collected, performs Face Recognition and Fingerprint verification, verifies the customer identity information against various internal and external regulatory databases, digitally sign the form with digital certificate stored in National eID card and/or request Customer to electronically sign Form using digital pen or stylus and then submit it to the organization’s customer database for further processing and generating of Customer Identification number.

Major Features offered by Smart eID Services Platform for Integrated Onboarding System

Supports multiple biometric devices, integrated travel document reader, bar code readers, camera, fingerprint reader, NFC, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and 3G cellular networking and built-in GPS functionalities

Auto form filling with information gathered from multiple Identity cards and PKI based Digitally signing of form and electronic documents, with a support for capturing of the Digitized Handwritten Signature

Real-time biometric verification of Customer against biometric template stored in smart card or National Biometric Database and performs deduplication verification against the Biometric Database maintained by organization, to arrest the problem of Identity theft or misuse.

Geo-location, geo-fencing, time stamping and other location-based services

Auto verification of customer information against internal and external regulatory databases for due diligence

Strong authentication for Customer Relationship Manager operating Mobile Biometric Platform

Centralized audit trails of every transaction performed on eID Service platform

Easy to configure screen to manage and cater the need to ever changing regulatory compliance requirement


Simplify and enhance the operational efficiency of OnBoarding and Due Diligence process

Faster Onboarding turnaround time, providing superior customer experience

Reduces onboarding and Identity frauds

Enhances compliance with evolving and stringent Industry and Government Regulations

Eliminate human error during manual entry of Customer information into System and thus improves productivity of Back-office teams

Reduces costs and improve revenue in-flows with hassle-free Customer Onboarding and paperless process

Simplified integration with Multiple systems using Web Services offered by eID Service Platform