BioID Services Platform

Enabling Digital Trust

BioID Services Platform

BioID is an advanced open platform for biometrics enrolment, identification and verification of people in multiple roles. It supports multi-model biometrics including fingerprint, iris and face. It provides features for enrollment, de-duplication, identification, verification and blacklisting. It helps in reliably eliminating duplicates and uniquely identifying people, may it be your employees or customers or partners. BioID boosts the confidence and trust wherever there is a business need for uniquely identifying people in multiple roles.

The openness of the platform ensures that customers are not locked on to specific biometric hardware. Instead customers can choose from a list of supported biometric devices. This platform is supported by various complementing components that ensure smooth integration with enterprise systems. This reduces the risks, minimizes the time to go live and realizes optimum ROI.

Features of our BioID Services Platform

An integrated end-to-end Biometric platform which provides multi-biometrics based enrolment, de-duplication, identification, verification and blacklist verification services

Enforce strong authentication for Administrators, Auditors and Operational Officers accessing BioID Platform

Centralized audit trails of every transaction performed on BioID Platform

Centralized biometric identification and verification policy enforcement , enabling flexibility for solution administrators to select either or all of the biometric modality (Fingerprint/IRIS/Face) for identification or verification of individuals

Biometric gateway framework to support vendor neutral implementation of multi-modal biometric platform

Faster migration from existing system to new system with bio-template conversion utility

Supports scalable cluster architecture for faster biometric identification and verification

Adheres to Common Criteria best practices, to ensure that product itself is secured and resistant to IT Security attacks

Compliant with international standards on Biometrics, ISO, International Civil Aviation Organization & integration standards

Product Benefits

Enabling Digital Trust in Identities using multi-modal Biometric Technology for fool-proof positive Identification of individuals

Assures interoperability and flexibility with technology independent framework helps organization to select the suitable Biometric Devices, Biometric modality, databases and operating systems.

Assures very high degree of accuracy required for identification and database de-duplication even for millions of Records stored in Nation-Level System.

Fully automatic, robust, fault tolerant software manages a huge workload and system is scalable for future expansion and development

Faster response time for 1:N Identification and de-duplication verification process with BioID Services platform which is built using a biometric platforms that is in used in large scale production environments including national civilian biometric systems