Why Dhabi Quest


"Digital Security/Trust" is one of the key drivers of this transformation. Countries across the globe have realized that they should solve the trust issues at the national level, thus most of them got into eID initiatives.

Globally, increasing number of countries are embracing electronic identity (eID), to transform e-Services to improve security, and trusted delivery of citizen services including socio-economic benefits

Businesses are transforming to digital businesses

Governments are becoming digitally connected & smart

Digital governments and businesses would leverage trusted third party identities & e-IDs to resolve trust in the connected digital world

Numerous e-ID initiatives reaching critical mass in issuance and are nearing stabilization & maturity

While this Digital Security/Trust transformations is must, there are challenges faced by the market

The present methods of achieving “eID integrated digital trust” are through the integration of eID SDK/toolkit with all the business systems and ICT infrastructure. This method is resulting in challenges:

Potential/periodic technological changes/frequency of changes to eID card – leading to changes in SDK (eID toolkit that is required to integrate eID services with ICT infrastructure, Systems and applications) - Future e-service endpoint is a cocktail of identities and things that would require trusted mappings

Complex changes to enterprise systems to integrate eID toolkit, resulting in huge System Integration projects – long project timelines and huge costs

Fragmented Solutions – limitation in achieving end-to-end digital trust

Poor Compliance with interoperability standards & Cyber laws, by the existing solution options

Our Value Proposition …

For eID & Digital Trust Providers

  • We provide a comprehensive "Digital Trust Services Delivery Platform" to meet their end-to-end requirements, which will in turn accelerate the market adoption of "eID integrated digital trust solutions/services".

For E-Services Provider

  • We provide our "Digital Trust Broker" and/or “Digital Trust Services Platform” with built-in adapters, enabling near zero footprint integration of Digital Trust Services without any (with minimal) changes to their existing systems/applications, leveraging Emirates ID card (any other country’s ID card) as last mile enabler.

Our Experience and Expertise

Experience and expertise in integration of multiple National eIDs within Digital Ecosystem of Organisations

Customers handled by our team members include Key Government Departments & Private Sector in three countries (India, Malaysia & UAE)

Experienced in technology & strategy consulting in the areas of “transformation of e-Government initiatives into eID integrated and digitally trusted governments and businesses

Advanced competencies across enterprise, web, cloud and mobility technologies & Proficiency in emerging technologies of Block Chain & Internet of Things (IoTs)

Experience in developing Digitally Trusted Mobile Applications

Extensive Subject Matter Expertise in the areas of:

  • Enterprise Solutions & Integrations with National eIDs
  • Smart tokens and Security
  • Biometric Technologies
  • PKI technologies
  • E-governance transformation leveraging eID
  • eID adoption strategy consulting

Technology partnerships with multiple technology providers (Smart Card, Biometrics and PKI technologies)